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Our Story

 Ark Coffee Company was established in 2012 by two sisters, Naomi and Ulala with a very simple yet very passionate goal in mind..

To share quality focused coffees with people throughout New Zealand for a better quality of life.

Great coffee comes in many different distinct flavours and that, is an experience, a journey we love to discover ourselves. The time to sip away and appreciate such great produce and the stories behind each one of them is a great value to us.

For many, coffee is an important time in a day, if not every day. For what ever reason you choose to drink it, we want to make that time a better one. one which is worth taking the time for.

All of Ark’s beans are ethically produced by a handful of exceptional growers. This translates into confidence and pride in every cup and a love for ARK coffee across New Zealand.

ARK’s philosophy is a simple one:


“Great coffee comes from the heart.”