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Gather round for a fun exhibition starting from the 13th of April at ARK!!


Introducing neat zakka a whole family can enjoy:)

“Zakka [‘zak-ka’]; the Japanese word for a fashion phenomenon sounds as hip as it deserves to be. It’s the term for everything and anything that spruces up your home, life and outlook. Japan is well known for it’s great “Gadgets” and “Zakka” with perfection details that inspires many, bringing lot of fun products for all age levels. “

MADE IN JAPAN is an exhibition Introducing some of the many greatproducts from the Japanese designers, -WITH THE OLD COMES THE NEW: Cool ZAKKA inspired by the Japanese traditional craft- [ COCHAE & MARUSA BALLOON] has collaborated with traditional artisan craftsmen from Japan creating more fun zakka inspired by the traditional japanese crafts and toys. MADE IN JAPAN is a fun exhibition the whole family can enjoy. We would love for you to visit our first exhibition and to share your feedback with us!

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