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Our 1st Birthday!!

ARK 1st Anniversary Cupping Spoon (Limited Edition)

 We cannot believe that we are already approaching our 1st year Anniversary. Where has the time gone!?
Thinking back this time last year, we were having sleepless nights still trying to manage to get everything under the roof in one peace.
To think where we were then and where we are now….. it’s been an incredible year for us.

Getting the feel of how the coffee culture in Auckland is has been an eye opener and for me personally, this year has been about getting my feet fully on the ground,and with the experiences I have gained over the years working out what I can offer to make this place a even better coffee culture.

One of the wonderful things that we’ve been lucky with is the amount of great coffee professionals we’ve met throughout the year.  Not only have they given us a warm welcoming to the Auckland coffee scene but has been a great support in helping us with our start up year. I feel so blessed and so grateful that we’ve come across so many wonderful cafe owners,baristas and roasters whom just like us started off small with a challenging venture and it’s definitely encouraging to see great coffee enthusiasts doing so well.

Last but not least we would just like to say our biggest thank you to all our wonderful customers! It’s a real pleasure and what gives us the motivation every day. It’s truly wonderful to be part of the community through what we just love doing, making great coffee. We really appreciate your support and we hope to brining you more and more great coffee in the years to come. Thank you.

I feel very humble and grateful for our successful first year and excited with where we’re heading.

Slowly but surely, step by step, a cup at a time….


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