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ARK Mural.

Ever since we opened we’ve always wanted to do something on our great big white wall. Being in the back streets of the main street in Takapuna we felt we needed something eye catching for people to discover us.But for months and months I didn’t know quite what I wanted to do. As with anything I think everything has it’s time, and in right time some inspiration will drop.  And… voila! yes it did indeed:)

 Popi, Martin from Argentina and Felipe from Chile was the great artists who made it happen for us.

Martin painting since he was 10 years old and Felipe a champion in graffiti art back home and Popi just full of multi artistic skills as well as a great barista teamed up to create this incredibly outstanding mural for us. I just cannot thank them enough for doing such a great job.

 First a bit about the Mural…

I still remember my first ever trip to Central America, Nicaragua 6 years ago. The scenery, the people, culture, food, music, air, the sky and of course, the coffee farms, everything was new to my eyes and the experience was something unforgettable. It was a trip that boosted my motivation to do what I do and better, gave me more appreciation for coffee and for the people involved in it. A chance to see the real thing.I wanted to do something relating my trip there for the wall and the completed mural is just one of the many things that struck my eyes during the trip.  Coming from a place where everything is very neutral and neatly blended within, the scenery in the city of Managua just took my breath away, it was so beautiful. The bright coloured walls, not one the same, seemed as though just being there in that sort of atmosphere made you feel just happier.


Through interesting connection of people brought me to meet Popi, a great barista at one of bussiest espresso bars in Auckland and through Popi this idea of doing a mural came about. Martin, Felipe and Popi did just an amazing piece of Mural for ARK, perfect for our unique roastery, we want to be. Even though this time in the year with our ‘typical New Zealand weather’, weather condition can change so drastically during the day, we were blessed with the perfect weather conditions. This great big artwork only took them just two days to complete!  As I watched the two guys paint and spray I can understand why. They were lost in their own little worlds, they simply just love what they do, this is their passion. They moved as if they were dancing. It was entertaining and pleasing to watch them as they improvised.







At ARK our primary goal is to be part of everyones daily life. Bringing the public some of the great tasting coffees from around the world to be enjoyed in the comfort of everyones homes. Not one home is the same and we would like to help find a best way to enjoy coffee to suit everyones lifestyle. Being part of a community where better coffee can bring happier and more satisfying coffee drinking experience and I feel this piece of artwork represents a lot of what we want to achieve.


Thank you Popi, Martin and Felipe once again. We are so grateful for your wonderful work and effort and I feel so lucky to meet you guys.



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